Safecrete Water Proof

Safecrete Complete Cement Admixture









Safecrete Water Proof 


Safecrete is a complete cement admixture that is added or blended into concrete mix at the time of batching to waterproof and to protect concrete from the start. It is a performance enhancer with water reducing, superb plasticizing, pore sealing properties, early and final strength providing, excellent water proofing.

It is a strong reinforcements for cement concrete bond making and corrosion resistant agent, which offers increased work ability and comprehensive strength even at adverse environmental and atmospheric conditions.


Ideal for water proofing basement, water tank, swimming pool, roof slab, joints, plaster, pillar, terrace etc. Its usage increases the strength of concrete and prevents from the earthquake destructions.


- Excellent water proofing

- Decreases the concrete porosity and increases the strength.

- Increases the work ability

- Reduces the water permeability

- Improves the durability of concrete

- Anti fungus

- Anti rusting


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Why Safecrete?

- It reduces the water cement ratio.

- Prevents rod from rusting.

- Makes strong bond between the cement concrete and iron reinforcement

- It highly (double) increases the compressive and tensile strength and hence increases (double) the strength of your house.

- Converts the high heat cement to low heat cement and provides crack free plaster and

- It offers excellent durability to the construction materials and hence provides excellent waterproofing properties.

- It speeds up work, reduces expenses and provides overall protection to the house.

Application Details


- 100ml/50KG of cement for general purpose

- 200ml/50KG of cement for waterproofing swimming pools, or roof slabs, basement.

Application Instructions

- Mix in dry cement, sand and aggregate as required.

- Shake safecrete well before using it.

- For water proofing basement, water tank, swimming pool, roof slab, joints, plaster, pillar etc, add 200ml of safecrete into the 20 ltr of water  per 1 sack(50kg) of cement.

- Pour the safecrete mixed water into the centre of dry mixture and around it. If required add more water.

- For 1 kg of white cement, grey cement, J-cem and distemper, mix 20ml of safecrete into the water after shaking it well. This will extend the water proofing properties by 20% and increases the coverage as well.

- Mix properly for best results.

Cleaning Up

-Spillage should be washed immediately to avoid possibilities of slipping.

Storage and Handling


Store in cool and dry place.

Safety Precaution

- In case of contact with skin or eyes, use plenty of water to wash.

- Never add safecrete directly to cement.

-Keep out of reach of children.




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