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   ACC Tile Putty


ACC Tile putty is a high quality grade polymer that seals the joint between the tiles to avoid shrinkage and cracking. It is powder based filler that helps to fix or stick the tiles on the surface, leaving no gaps between them and providing smooth finish. It does not let the adjacent tiles ruined by moisture. Therefore it is considered to be a durable and long lasting finishing material.

Various shades of tile putty are available and one can select the shade of putty similar to the used tile to give better finish.


Tile putty is the adhesive product that binds the tile together to form a floor covering. It is ideal for wall tiles in both interior and exterior locations.


- Water resistant

- Non-shrink

- Crack free

- For both exterior and interior use

- Non-fading color


Pack Size

Available packs




Shade Range

White, green, blue, pink, cream and black


Smooth Finish

Application Details

Recommended Tools

1. Putty knife


Cleaning Up

Clean all the equipments with clean and soapy water after use.

Drying Time                                                    


Surface Preparation

- Clean the surface properly, and let it dry completely. Wipe off the excess cement on the tile with water before applying the tile putty.

- Encase of putty existing tiles, remove old putty from joints and make sure to clean tiles before applying ACC tile putty.

- Inspect the holes and remove any debris that may hinder the bond between the filler of choice and tiles. Use vacuum cleaner or pressurized air to remove any dirt that may remain inside holes.

Application Instructions

- Add ACC tile putty with water in the ratio of 3:1. Mix it well to produce a smooth, stiff paste.

- Do not start applying it until the adhesive is fully dry.

- Apply at the tile joint once it is dry and ensure that joints are fully filled.

- Leave ACC wall putty to dry for 24 hours,

- Remove the surplus with clean damp sponge after it is dry, then polish the tiles with a clean cloth.

­- Ensure that putty is fully dry before allowing water contact.


Storage and Handling


Store unopened bags in cool and dry place and keep it protected from excessive draft and frost.

Flash Point




Safety Precaution

Always wear gloves and follow appropriate safety precautions.

Keep out of reach of children.


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