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Always Black Japan (Bitumen Paints)




Always Black Japan is oil based paint which is made from superior quality of raw material and it ensures durability to its end user. It contains high bitumen content that provides a protective finish and dries quickly. This  product is mostly used for the protection of iron and steel structures, pipes and other construction for the protection against corrosion.


It is suitable for many materials but is known especially for its use on steel and iron structures.


-Fast drying

-Protective  finish

-More durable

-Anti rusting properties


Pack Size

Available pack sizes are








No. of Coats

 Two or more coats is recommended .


Semi Glossy

Application Details

Recommended Tools





Cleaning Up

Clean spillage area thoroughly with plenty of thinner

Drying Time

Surface Dry:- 6-8 Hours

Full Dry:- Overnight


Drying times may vary depending on temperature, humidity, air movements and film thickness.

Surface Preparation

Sand the surface to make it smooth and remove all the sanding dust prior to coating. For the holes and imperfection apply ACC wall putty to make it smooth and perfect.

Application Instructions

-Stir it thoroughly before and during application, being careful not to introduce any bubbles.

-Apply with brush or spray.

-Apply further coats by sanding between the coats to develop stronger colour. 

Storage and Handling


Store the tightly closed container in a cool and dry place in a secure upright position.

Flash Point

Flammable(less than 45°c)

Safety Precaution

Eliminate all sources of ignition. Use only in a well ventilated area.

Wear suitable protective equipment such as gloves, apron. 

Keep out of reach of children.

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