Always Wood Primer (White & Pink)

Always Wood Primer


 Always wood primer is a preparatory coating on interior and exterior wood surfaces before painting which helps you to achieve perfect base. It masks surface imperfection while preventing peeling and provides additional protection for the material being painted. As a result, smoothest finish on decorative surfaces like windows, door casing etc can be achieved.


Always wood primer being the solvent-based primer, it also enhances coverage of finish paint besides improving enamel hold out properties


It is suitable for all types of softwoods and hardwoods, inside and outside, especially for those which are highly resinous. It can also be used as an undercoat for woodwork that has been previously primed or painted


- Provides outstanding sealing properties and makes the surface more uniform.

- allows paint to adhere more tightly to the surface.

- Increases paints durability


Pack Size

Available packs






Shade Range

Pink, White

Practical Coverage

95-105 sqft/liter/ 2 coats

No. of Coats

Two coats of always wood primer is recommended.


Smooth and matt

Application Details

Recommended Tools

1. Brush


3. Spray

Cleaning Up

Clean the application tools with mineral spirits. Dispose of unused paints and waste accordingly.

Drying Time

Surface Dry : 1 hour

Full Dry: 18 hours

It may vary depending on temperature, humidity, atmosphere and film thickness.

Surface Preparation

New or bare surface and previously painted surface should be clean, dry and free from all defective and poorly adhering material, dirt, grease and wax etc. Surface must be scuffed in the direction of wood grains. Smooth wood lightly with sandpaper and remove sanding dust before finishing.

Application Instructions

- Stir each container thoroughly prior to use and occasionally during use.

- Apply by brush, short rollers or spray in even strokes in the direction of wood grain.

- One coat, applied at the recommended coverage rate, will provide adequate durability.

Storage and Handling


Container should be stored in cool and dry place in a secure upright position.

Flash Point

Oil based, Flammable(less than 45°)

Safety Precaution

Keep away from sources of heat and open flames or sparks. Use only with adequate ventilation and keep the container close after each use. Prevent contact with skin and eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

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